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What is Mechatronics?

Mechatronics is technology that brings together mechanical devices and electronics in an integrated way, in order to perform a task. These electromechanical solutions can include, electric actuators, robotics, and other motor driven mechanical devices. Mechatronics have applications for most modern manufacturing equipment.

What can ES&E do for you?

ES&E’s Mechatronics products include a broad range of servo drives, servo motors, and mechanical solutions. The Rockwell Automation servo drive portfolio extends from compact single-axis drives for simple applications to high-performance multi-axis servo drives which fit seamlessly into your Integrated Architecture™. Rotary and linear servo motors provide a wide selection of output power for a variety of environmental and design challenges. Rockwell’s integrated motion products provide simplified, out-of-the box solutions for precise motion control. Mechanical offerings include gearboxes, linear actuators, and gantry systems. Each one of these mechanical solutions is built to custom fit your Rockwell Automation Servo motor.

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The Connected Enterprise

Get more productivity and efficiency out of your machines by undergoing a digital transformation and enabling The Connected Enterprise. Using advanced technology like smart gearboxes and adaptive tuning you will get more life and more value out of the products you use. Achieving a connected enterprise involves driving the decisions and actions that bring people, processes, and technology together. ES&E offers the tools, resources, and technology required to bring your connected enterprise to life.

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Supported Manufacturers

Allen-Bradley | AMCI | Anorad | Apex Dynamics | E•DRIVE | Elwood-Gettys | Exlar Automation | Flex-Cable | Linmot | MTS | Macron Dynamics | Nexen Group | Nidec-Shimpo (Shimpo) | Nook Industries | PMI | Renishaw Encoders | Rockwell Automation | Stober Drives | Wittenstein | Zero-Max

Motion Control

ControlLogix 5580 and CompactLogix 5380 Controllers Hero

ControlLogix 5580 and CompactLogix 5380 Controllers

These controllers provide increased performance and security to help meet the growing demands of smart machines and equipment for manufacturing. With up to SIL 2 and SIL 3 safety ratings, these integrated motion platforms are ideal for applications requiring high-performance communications, I/O, and high speed motion control for up to 256 axes.

Kinetix VP Servo Motors Hero

Kinetix VP Servo Motors

Rockwell’s Kinetix VP-Series Servo Motors provide smooth, integrated motion control over EtherNet/IP networks and are optimized to run with the Kinetix 5500 and 5700 servo drives. Kinetix VPC continuous duty servo motors provide continuous power and torque. Our Kinetix VPL low inertia servo motors and Kinetix VPF food grade servo motors deliver high dynamic performance. The Kinetix VPH hygienic motor rounds out the portfolio delivering the same motor benefits for hygienic washdown applications.

Kinetix 5100 Servo Drives Hero

Kinetix 5100 Servo Drives

The Kinetix 5100 Servo Drives provide a scalable option for servo solution in a single product. This drive offers an extended power range solution to 15kW to support stand-alone, Micro 800, or Logix controlled applications. Kinetix 5100 drives come with standard inputs and outputs, different mode of controls, plus Safe Torque Off and dual port EtherNet/IP for various network topologies.

Kinetix 5700, 5500 and 5300 Servo Drives Hero

Kinetix 5700, 5500 and 5300 Servo Drives

The Kinetix 5000 family helps expand the value of integrated motion and safety on EtherNet/IP. Drive modules connect and operate by using ControlLogix 5580 controllers, CompactLogix 5380 controllers, or Compact GuardLogix 5380 controllers. Machine builders now have more flexibility to scale, design, and control the application with one design environment using STUDIO 5000.


iTrak Hero

Revolutionizing the design and build of track-based industrial motion control for packaging and material handling, iTRAK® combines linear and rotary motion. The result is a flexible, fully integrated motion solution that helps you get more from your machines.

Emulate 3D

Emulate 3D Hero

Emulate3D develops Award-Winning industrial engineering software to help you sell, explain, understand, improve, and debug material handling systems. Emulate3D Controls Testing helps you develop robust industrial control systems, offline, off the project's critical path, saving time and money at commissioning. Sim3D enables you to reduce the risk associated with your automation investments by simulating product flows and demonstrating system response under different operating conditions. Build "first cut" automation models rapidly with Demo3D and ensure everyone is on the same page with a running model as a centre of focus. Sell your automation solutions more effectively by demonstrating them in Virtual and Augmented Reality - today!

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Mechanical Solutions

Mechatronics-Screw-Driven-Linear-Actuation Hero

Screw Driven Linear Actuation

A linear actuator is a device that converts the rotary motion of a servo motor into a linear motion. A screw driven linear actuator use screw technology to create this linear motion. There are many types of screw actuators including Acme screw, ball screw, and roller screw mechanisms. Choosing which type of technology to use depends on the application. Screw driven actuators are generally suitable for high force and high precision applications.

Supported Manufacturers

E-Drive | Exlar Automation | Nook Industries

Mechatronics-Belt-Driven-Linear-Actuation-and-Gantries Hero

Belt Driven Linear Actuation and Gantries

A linear actuator is a device that converts the rotary motion of a servo motor into a linear motion. A belt driven linear actuator uses a system of belts and pulleys to create this linear motion. Belt driven actuators are often used for high speed and low force applications.

Supported Manufacturers

Macron Dynamics | Nook Industries

Mechatronics-Gearboxes Hero


Gearboxes are power transmission devices that can be utilized for a variety of different reasons. Gearboxes have the ability to increase the torque of a servo motor by lending it mechanical leverage. They also have the benefit of reducing the motor to load inertia mismatch. Inertia mismatch can lead to unstable and difficult to tune servo systems. Gearboxes can increase the life of a servo motor by protecting it from the load mechanically and reducing the strain.

Supported Manufacturers

Apex Dynamics | NIDEC Shimpo | Stober | Wittenstein

Mechatronics-Rack-and-Pinion-Linear-Actuation Hero

Rack and Pinion Linear Actuation

Rack and pinion is another method of converting rotary motion into linear motion. These devices use a rotary gear (the pinion) that engages with a linear rail (the rack) to create high precision linear motion. Rack and pinion devices have no travel limit and are highly versatile. They tend to require more up front mechanical engineering and design but make up for it by being a lower cost solution.

Supported Manufacturers

Nexen Group | Apex Dynamics | Wittenstein

Mechatronics-Linear-Servo-Motors Hero

Linear Servo Motors

Along with rotary servo motors, we also carry linear servo motors. Rather than moving in a rotational fashion these advanced devices use linear magnetic fields to create high performance linear motion. Linear motors are best for applications that require extremely high speed and finely tuned movements. Linear motors also have far fewer mechanical devices which eliminates wear points.

Supported Manufacturers

Rockwell Automation | Linmot

Mechatronics-Rotary-Indexing Hero

Rotary Indexing

Unlike some cam driven systems, the Precision Ring Drive System can start and stop at any incremental position. Users can change the motion profile by simply loading a new servo drive program. The Rotary Indexer also allows maximum acceleration or deceleration at any point without the risk of damage.

Supported Manufacturers

Nexen Group

Let ES&E help you size and select your electromechanical servo systems. We can work with you to fill in the gap between your electrical and mechanical machine design. We represent a complete line of mechanical solutions that complement our Rockwell Automation electrical hardware. We have a large selection of products that reach far beyond the end of the servo motor.

ES&E is a one-stop shop for all your Motion Control needs. Contact us today to see how we can assist you.

With our on-staff dedicated Mechtronics Specialist and our many mechanical device partners, ES&E will keep your project in motion.

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