Lockout Tagout

Protect your workforce, protect your company

Protect your workforce, protect your company

Accurate easy-to-follow Lockout/Tagout instructions are a key component of any company's comprehensive safety plan.  OSHA mandates that employers must establish energy control procedures to protect workers from hazardous energy.  It is also the employer's responsibility to train their workers on the procedures in order to create a safe work environment.  Take the stress out of compliance and allow us to help you protect your workforce and your company. 


We partner with Rockwell Automation in order to provide multiple options in a comprehensive safety plan.  One of these components is a Lockout Tagout program.  Our procedures provide easy-to-follow instructions and matching device labels to eliminate guesswork for maintenance personnel.  Not sure of the proper locking device?  We can provide recommendations.  Don't have the procedure documented?  Our resources will review with your team onsite to create a full list of hazardous energy sources and proper shutdown procedures. 


Employees must be trained and procedures audited for accuracy.  With our turnkey projects, we can provide a full solution including procedure generation, device recommendations, labeling, training, and auditing tools. 


Why Choose ES&E and Rockwell Automation for your Lockout/Tagout compliance needs?  

  • We have decades of experience and a name you can trust. We are here to serve you when you need us
  • Our programs provide industry-leading value that can be measured to show a return on your investment 
  • Our employees have industry-leading expertise, specializing in Lockout/Tagout program implementation 
  • Our systems work in tandem with our services to provide you with a truly comprehensive solution that is compliant and efficient
  • ScanESC? the software allows you to proactively manage your Lockout/Tagout program from virtually anywhere

Five Components Included in a Lockout/Tagout Project  

  • Procedures 
  • Training 
  • Program Auditing Tools 
  • Policy Creation and Review
  • Device Recommendations 

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