872C WorldProx Tubular Inductive Proximity Sensors

As of December 31, 2022, the 872C-D(H)3* and 872C-N(H)20 will be discontinued and no longer available for sale. We recommend migrating to the 872C-M(H)4* and 872C-N(H)25* to support your transition.


Each is a functional replacement with the same operating voltage, output/polarity, barrel diameter, shielding, and connections as the 872C-D(H)3* and 872C-N(H)20*.


The main difference is a slight improvement in the sensing range. The sensing distance of the 872C-D(H)3* will increase from 3mm to 4mm, while the sensing distance of the 872C-N(H)20* will increase from 20mm to 25mm.

image-png-May-15-2023-01-10-19-8220-PM-1 image-png-May-15-2023-01-10-01-6775-PM image-png-May-15-2023-01-09-44-1184-PM

In addition, the replacement 872C offers the following improved features: 

  • Extended ambient temperature range of -40…85 C
  • Improved mechanical design with an IP68 rating
  • Improved EMC immunity: >=10 V/M
  • Improved switching frequencies
  • Improved end cap design featuring greater LED visibility
  • Laser-marked sleeves (instead of sticker label) 
  • White-bronze-coated brass rather than nickel-plated brass housing
    • Higher chemical resistance
    • More consistent quality of sleeves
    • Less influence on the sensor coil system
    • More reliable and consistent manufacturing process 

As always, we will make every attempt to satisfy your needs. If you need any help with the migration process, reach out to one of our specialists for assistance. 


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