The Kinetix 5100 Servo Drive offers versatile motion control solutions

Allen-Bradley-Kinetix-5100-Servo-DriveAre you looking for the best overall cost solution using TLP motors in the Kinetix portfolio? The Kinetix® 5100 offers just enough performance for simple to mid-end machinery applications. 


The Kinetix 5100 Servo Drive with Kinetix TLP motor and cable can function as a system without a controller and provide a more cost-effective option for OEMs building smaller machines. These drive-motor pairings are designed with all the essential features to help machine builders deliver innovative and competitive solutions.

  • Quick control modes
  • More motion commands
  • Simple selection
  • Standalone and simple machines
  • Safety features without any additional labor or parts

Designed for versatility, the Kinetix 5100 provides a large range of power options to fit the unique needs of every individual application.


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