Connect remote devices easily

ThingWorx-Kepware-EdgeThingWorx Kepware Edge allows valuable features of KEPServerEX to be deployed in Linux-based environments, enabling connectivity directly at the site of the machine, device, or sensor. The product utilizes secure, efficient, and IoT-ready protocols such as OPC UA or MQTT to connect to local, remote, and cloud-based applications or platforms. ThingWorx Kepware Edge offers flexible deployment of valuable Kepware functionality for improved connectivity to distributed devices and machines. It offers the stability, performance, and security essential for industrial environments.


  • ThingWorx Kepware Edge features the same best-in-class reliability as KEPServerEX and users can expect stable and dependable connectivity

  • With support for popular Linux operating systems and tag-based pricing, users can cost-effectively deploy hundreds of instances to support an edge-based architecture

  • Protocol translation at the edge means users can rely on secure, efficient, and modern protocols instead of building and securing proprietary cell or radio networks

  • With support for the most popular industrial protocols, product OEMs and System Integrators no longer need to create and maintain custom drivers to connect their machines

  • Utilizes modern and secure protocols to protect your data in transit
  • Improves connectivity architecture when connecting automation applications (like SCADA, MES, or Historians) or IoT applications to remote PLCs, sensors, or other devices

Connecting remote devices is notoriously tricky. Engineers contend with unreliable connections, legacy protocols, complex security requirements, and proprietary networks. ThingWorx Kepware Edge enables users to deploy out-of-the-box connectivity at the edge of their networks.


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