Nexen takes your servo safety to the next level


Nexen makes high-precision linear and rotary systems, pneumatic brakes, and clutches that provide increased uptime, longer machine life, and reduced maintenance.


NexSafe Functional Safety certified Rod Locks, Rail Brakes and Servomotor Brakes provide a verified, reliable solution that machine builders can depend on. With ISO 13849-1 Functional Safety Certification by Intertek, these brakes are capable of Categories B through 4 and Performance Levels PLa through PLe. With spring engaged air released functionality, these products are default to lock, ideal for emergency stopping and holding applications.

Nexen's Spring Engaged, Air Released Servomotor Brakes are safety certified to comply with ISO 13849-1 and rated up to Category Level 4 and Performance Level e, using NexSafe products. With spring-engaged air-released functionality, these products are ideal for emergency stopping and holding applications.


  • Response Time
  • Torque Output
  • Facing Life Comparison
  • Thermal Horsepower
  • Repair Costs
  • Energy Consumption
  • Unit Cost Savings

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