Power your Digital Transformation at the Edge

Power your Digital Transformation at the EdgeAcross industries, businesses, operations, and IT, leaders want to harness Industry 4.0 opportunities to gain new insight, achieve operational excellence, and operate more efficiently and safely. Edge Computing solves the inherent bandwidth, latency, and security challenges at edge locations to enable IIoT devices and data acquisition. ztC Edge provides teams with a zero-touch, secure, highly automated edge computing platform that is purpose-built for edge environments. Its self-protecting and self-monitoring features drastically reduce unplanned downtime and ensure continuous availability of business-critical applications.


Edge Computing is about processing data closer to where it's generated. This enables processing at faster speeds and more significant volumes, leading to action-led results in real time. The Stratus ztC Edge provides a zero-touch, secure, and highly automated Edge Computing platform with self-protecting and self-monitoring features that drastically reduce unplanned downtime.


Harness the power of the ztC Edge and get more machine uptime, faster decision-making, and more profitability!


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