Get real-time, continuous, surveillance of your critical machines

Allen-Bradley-Dynamix-1444Are you looking for real-time processing of critical parameters, continuous processing of diagnostic data, and demand processing of infrequent measures? Meet the Dynamix™ 1444 series monitoring system!


The Dynamix™ series of intelligent I/O modules provide an integrated, distributed solution for monitoring the condition of your critical machinery. The system can monitor and protect motors, pumps, fans, gearboxes, steam and gas turbines, high-speed compressors, and other rotating or reciprocating machines.


The system can measure dynamic signals such as vibration, strain, or pressure and position measures such as thrust, differential expansion, or rod position. Measurements are made in real-time to protect industrial machinery from imminent failure and/or are further processed to calculate critical fault-indicating parameters that can be used to assess the machine's current and predicted health.


Configuration and management of the Dynamix™ system is accomplished through a Logix controller(1), linked via an EtherNet/IP industrial network. As part of the Rockwell Automation® Integrated Architecture, other system components such as controllers, visualization products, other input/output products, and more can be easily applied to tailor a solution to the specific needs of the application.


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