Optimize productivity with the PanelView 5510

Allen-Bradley-PanelView-5510The PanelView 5510 is Rockwell Automation's premier Human Machine Interface (HMI) terminal. Designed for OEMs and end users who require a high degree of integration between their HMI and controller, it's available in various sizes from 7" to 19" with touch-only and touch & keypad options.


The View Designer software, now in its 7th major release, offers a rich development environment with preferred compatibility for Logix controllers and a highly cohesive user experience. 



Features to future-proof your HMI and speed implementation include:


  • EtherNet/IP with DLR and embedded switch technology supports ring topology for network fault tolerance and reduced downtime
  • A physical navigation button on the terminal easily displays information
  • Connects to as many as four controllers and 16,000 alarms

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