Rockwell Automation GuardLink: Revolutionizing Safety Systems

Rockwell Automation GuardLink is a safety system that uses a communication network to connect safety devices such as emergency stop buttons, light curtains, and safety mats to a central control unit. The control unit monitors the status of the safety devices and can shut down the machinery or process if a safety hazard is detected. The GuardLink system is designed to help companies meet safety regulations and standards and can be used in various industries, including manufacturing, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals.



The system is scalable, so it can be used in small, medium, and large facilities and can be customized to meet the specific safety needs of a particular application.


The GuardLink system enables smart safety components to share real-time data with the control system, where direct integration over a network is impossible due to the devices' space and cost constraints.


  • Daisy Chain implementation provides increased efficiencies, allowing the safety signals to cascade across the GuardLink devices and enabling diagnostics over the same cable.
  • All the products have M12 Quick disconnects to avoid wiring faults and reduce wiring costs and labor.
  • The GuardLink system allows remote Reset, Lock, Unlock, and Fault Reset over Ethernet for instant machine access for quick troubleshooting.


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