Drive down repair costs and improve performance!

Rockwell-Automation-Annual-Repair-AgreementDrive down your repair cost while improving operational performance with an Annual Repair Agreement from Rockwell Automation. 


High spikes in monthly repair expenses make it challenging to manage a predictable maintenance budget. Drive down your repair costs while improving operational performance with an Annual Repair Agreement from Rockwell Automation.


This preventive service enables flexible payment options, including a fixed monthly amount for your automation equipment repairs, which makes it easier to forecast spending and helps lower your everyday costs. All equipment repaired under an Annual Repair Agreement includes the Rockwell Automation proprietary remanufacturing process to extend its life and improve its reliability. With an Annual Repair Agreement, you’ll also receive a 3-year warranty on all Allen-Bradley, Reliance Electric, and non-Rockwell Automation repairs across all service levels, covering the entire unit, not just the repaired components.


The original equipment manufacturer can only guarantee original replacement parts and factory enhancements. Your remanufactured parts will be tested to the original design specifications on the same factory equipment as it was tested when new.


In addition, access to our online tools and reports will be provided to track your repair orders and plant usage patterns, as well as analysis and probable cause reports, to better understand reasons for failure.


A Rockwell ARA can provide you with these benefits and more:


  • Easier forecasting
  • Reduce total cost of repair and number of repair
  • Improve facility uptime
  • Capture warranty savings
  • Free inbound shipping on all repair orders

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