Take the guesswork out of Drive Startups and get an extended warranty!

Allen-Bradley-PowerFlex-525-02Since its inception, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology has provided significant energy savings and increased application flexibility. For optimal operation and long-term reliability, verifying proper installation and operation is critical.


  • Improve on-time production performance
  • Reduce total maintenance cost
  • Improve equipment operation
  • Extended factory warranty

As an Authorized Service Provider for Rockwell Automation, ES&E can take the guesswork out of drive startups and provide an extended warranty.


Advantages of an ES&E Drive Start-up

  • Improved On-Time Production Performance
    Having a new drive or system up and running on time is critical to the growth of your business. Start-up delays can limit productivity, which can lead to fulfillment issues, missed delivery times, and loss of revenue.
  • Reduced Total Maintenance Costs
    Our experienced Service Technicians work with you to check all equipment and systems so that equipment performs safely and efficiently.
  • Improved Equipment Operation
    Improper equipment commissioning due to a lack of knowledge or skills gaps can create production problems down the road.

  • Extended Factory Warranty
    Utilizing Rockwell Automation-trained Service Technicians to start up and commission your low-voltage drives will reduce your risk of performance problems and premature equipment failures. Our standard process verifies that the necessary electrical, mechanical, and environmental criteria have been met, allowing your factory warranty to be extended for two years.

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