Improve your overall equipment efficiency

Dream-Report-1The world's most capable, on-premise, and web-enabled report generator, specifically designed for industrial automation.


Digital transformation is the use of any technology that allows you to improve the efficiency of your business. ES&E offers Dream Report, which can help identify equipment inefficiencies and provide your people with the information needed to improve overall equipment efficiency (OEE). 


Based on modern technologies, Dream Report enables easy connectivity to automation systems and equipment (e.g. in buildings, factories, etc.), through over 80 different data interface drivers to open and proprietary protocols. Dream Report collects and archives real-time information and accesses open or proprietary archives and databases, generating professional reports and dashboards on schedule, on events, or manually, then publishing and e-distributing that information. The solution delivers web-based report management over the Internet and intranet via an integrated web portal. Users can access generated reports, generate new reports, and build web-based interactive dynamic dashboards in minutes. An intuitive and easy user interface allows fast project development and project maintenance with low engineering costs. Development is accomplished without a single line of code.


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