Modernize Some of Your Legacy Equipment


The ProSoft EtherNet/IP to Remote I/O or DH+ Gateway is a versatile and easy way to get legacy equipment on your EtherNet/IP network. The ProSoft AN-X2-AB-DHRIO is designed to help initiate a phased migration approach to replacing or upgrading your legacy Remote I/O PLCs, HMI's, Drives, or Flex I/O Adapters.


  • Drives - Upgrade legacy AB drives on remote I/O to new EtherNet/IP-enabled drives.
  • HMI - Upgrade legacy PanelViews on Remote I/O or DH+ to be upgraded to PanelView Plus 7 on EtherNet/IP.
  • Remote I/O Scanner - Replace existing Remote I/O PLC with a ControlLogix or CompactLogix PAC without having to replace existing racks of I/O.
  • Data Highway Plus - Acts as a bridge between an EtherNet/IP and a Data Highway Plus network.
  • Flex I/O Scanner - Allows PLCs on Remote I/O to connect to and control 1794-AENT EtherNet/IP Flex adapters.

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