Handle technical troubles with one number to call

Rockwell-Automation-Integrated-Service-AgreementTechnical troubles cause headaches and can inhibit production performance. This flexible suite of support services enables you to maximize the value of your Rockwell Automation investments across your facility. The three-tiered model allows you to select the right package of offerings to meet your needs. Get foundational services with the Essential tier, a full set of support services with Enhanced, or get data insights and proactive management with the Premier tier.


Whether it's to resolve production issues quickly, improve training, or streamline software updates, purchasing an Integrated Service Agreement can provide the knowledge and support needed to address your most critical challenge.


An Integrated Service Agreement is a bundled support agreement that offers three tiers of service to meet your needs, and it is just one number to call for access to experts and priority service. 


And by bundling key offerings versus standalone contracts, you can save 20% - 30% over the agreement term.


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