Monitor your assets' health with ThingWorx

Monitor-your-assets-health-with-ThingWorxThingWorx Asset Monitoring and Utilization is a software solution offered by PTC's ThingWorx platform. It is designed to help companies monitor and optimize the performance of their industrial assets, such as machines, vehicles, and equipment.


The solution allows users to collect and analyze data from these assets in real time, providing insights into their usage, performance, and overall health. This data can be used to identify trends, predict potential failures, and optimize asset utilization.


Some of the key features of ThingWorx Asset Monitoring and Utilization include:

  • Rapidly connect to and catalog assets
  • Establish parameters to track performance
  • Quickly identify anomalous data trends
  • Perform root cause analysis
  • Access performance information
  • Create configurable asset cards

It can be used across industries such as manufacturing, transportation, energy, and utilities to improve operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase the lifespan of assets.


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